If you haven’t seen our extended edition of our highlights of the big Los Osos vs. Rancho Cucamonga varsity football game on Halloween night……What are you waiting for??? This definitely has to be one of the best games of 2008! I know that Jace an I picked Los Osos for the victory, but you know there is that chance we could have been right. We do go into details why we picked Los Osos in our podcast that you can hear on our website until November 12th, before 7 p.m. Of course, Brian picked Rancho, but he had his heart in the pick because there is a special someone on that team he can possibly be related to in the future. When Brian and I were at the game, we saw how much bigger and thicker the Grizzlies were to the speedsters that are on the Cougars team. I dubbed the game match-up as Speed vs Size and I thought no matter how fast a person can run, when they hit a solid block wall, they come to a dead stop. Boy, was I wrong. Quarterback Greg Watson owned the running game and he did it by going up the middle too! Maybe Los Osos was guarding for the passing game because we all know that Watson has a cannon for an arm and when the speedster for his wide receivers break loose, they outrun their opponents and are able to stay under the throw and make the catches. Los Osos did good late in the game, but it may have been too late. It wasn’t until the 4th quarter when the Osos team and crowd really fired up. It was also interesting to see all of those elements come together as the UCLA head football coach walked into the stadium. Brehaut made some awesome passes and connected with his teammates to score two TD’s.  One factor that Jace and I picked Osos to win was that we were confident that Coach Martinez would be able to adjust to the Cougars play during their halftime break. I am sure that adjustments were made, but Rancho was so fired up and played emotional football that it was impossible to top them. Both teams played well, but it was Rancho who came out the winner. The awesome part of seeing the Cougars get the win was to see the Tongan dance that they do as a team. The passion and emotion that is put into this is very apparent to me. Again, you can catch our in-depth coverage of the game highlights, pre-game tailgate party interviews in the parking lot and of course the UCLA head football coach interview on the sidelines durning the big game. It’s not going to be any easier this week as the Cougars will face Alta Loma and then the final week is Rancho vs. Upland. I am sure we will definitly be covering that one too. By the way, we really would love to hear from you either on the blog or e-mail us and tell us your thoughts and opinions. We really want to know what fans have to say and how they feel. Finally, we have a big game coming up this Friday night. Ayala vs Chino Hills and the battle for first place and the Huskies run for a perfect record. Make sure to check out the website and vote on our poll question that asks who will win that battle in the Chino Hills area. Also, be sure to check out the podcast with our guest, Ayala head football coach Tom Inglima and see what he has to say about his team in 2008.