Mobile devices like the iPhne keep us all connected to the latest information via the web capabilities

Techchnology is supreme and thanks to the availability and access from our mobile devices we will never go out of touch with the latest news, information and sports. It is great to introduce and announce the latest upgrade to the website. The site has been updated and redesigned for users to enjoy on their computers and now on their mobile devices too. When you access the web address from your mobile device, you will be redirected to a mobile device friendly page. There will be tabs that will allow you to access the content you would see on the full version website. Tabs on the mobile version will include videos from our official You Tube site, blog postings from our Word Press blog site, Up to the minute information and community social networking on our official Face Book and Twitter pages, the weekly sports poll question, and coming soon you can view photos. It is truly an innovative time with technology allowing us to provide you the up to the minute coverage and information regarding local sports. We are open to your feedback and tell us how this mobile version works for you and how the newly designed full version website works too.