The Chino Valley is looking good for a couple of Divisional Championship runs. Although many in the valley were hopping for a Chino Hills, Ayala match-up. These Divisional play should prove to be much more fruitful for the Chino Valley sports fans. Chino Hills has faced at least 4 of the potential threats in the Open Division2016 BBB CIFSS Open Div Bracket. Most would see Bishop Montgomery as the only real test. The Chino Hills staff will say there best test came from Redondo Union(CA. #4). The most likely final game should be a Bishop Montgomery, Chino Hills Match up a Big Time Arena. Like Bishop Montgomery needs any more motivation besides a possible Open divisional Championship and a chance to revers their lost to Chino Hills in the Fairfax State Preview, But they would poised to squelch the Huskies shot at a “Perfect Year”. But saying all that it’s Hard to imagine that Lonzo Ball would have  2 for 21 game again? Also worth mentioning that recently the forth Ball has recovered from his injury and has been getting some court time which adds another weapon and provides a little rest to the starting 5 if needed?

Worth mentioning. The At-Large bids for the Division 1AA will see all 6 teams from the Baseline teams seeing post season play by giving a 1-9 upland and a 2-8 Los Osos a At-Large bid? 2016 BBB Div 1AA Bracket

Ayala Should be the #1 seed in the Div 2AA and as soon as it’s released I will update this post so check back for updates!!!

As Always “That’s How I See It”

Thanks Brian SportSceneTV