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Just Another Notch In The Huskies Amazing Season

        By Brian Gelet,


  Chino Hills’ first round draw in the CIF State Tournament was Immanuel High School from Reedley CA. Immanuel has a total student body(K thru 12) of 332. Myself and just about everyone else thought this matchup was going to be just a exhibition of what I liked to call, “Ballapalooza”. Well, someone forgot to tell the Eagles that.

The Eagles played the Huskies tough. They matched the Huskies speed and hindered Chino Hills’ long ball game. The Eagles’ ball handling was impressive in the paint, but struggled with the action immediately under the iron. As the dozen or so of us reporters sat together behind the scorer’s table.  The game played out in front of us and we seem to be talking about two things.  First was,  just how good of a game Immanuel was giving Chino Hills. The second seemed to follow the first part almost as one thought , “Boy I can’t believe the score, it seems like it should be much closer?”

     Chino Hills’ did win the game by a wide margin, with a score of 103 to 71. In doing so the Huskies tied the State CIF recorded of eighteen wins in a season with 100 points or more. A record which was held by  Balboa High School from San Francisco, which they established the 1995-1996 season.  The opportunity to tie the record did not just fall into their laps. With a little over four and a half minutes to play they only had 8 points, but lead by 29 points.  If they  score the points needed it would have become a running clock and surely would not have left enough time to reach 100 points. The task seemed to rally the Huskies’ somewhat lethargic  play at that point (that is if you can consider scoring 84 points in 28 minutes described as lethargic). Lonzo  Ball took full control of the game at that point. Scoring 18 of his 36 points for the night in the fourth quarter alone. The 100th point came as he dropped his seventh free-throw of the game which was  immediately the second free-throw for the 101st  giving him a perfect eight for eight from the stripe. The fans and I gave him a standing ovation(I couldn’t help but get caught up in it) as the student section chanted “TRIPLE DIGITS” over and over again. Lonzo lead all scoring with that 36 points by means of eleven two point  baskets, two for eight on three point shots, eight for eight from the stripe as I already mention. He also had fourteen rebounds, three steals and seven assists.  Brother LiAngelo had 31 points,  seven two’s,  five threes and two free-throws. Eli Scott had fifteen points. LaMelo chipped in with fourteen points.

  Chino Hills’ will move on to the second round in the CIF State tournament and will host Foothill Christian of El Cajon Tuesday. This will be the third match up this year for the two programs. They first played on December 12th in the Battle Zone Tournament host by Corona Centennial. The score was Chino Hills’ 106 an Foothill Christian 86. In that game Lonzo Ball had 35 points and LiAngelo had 22. But the leading scorer was Foothill Christians’ TJ Leaf with 44 points.  Next year UCLA is considered to have the best NCAA  recruiting class in the nation with both Lonzo Ball and TJ Leaf as incoming freshman. The second time the two faced off was in the Sierra Canyon Showcase on January 9th. That proved to be much closer with a 85-83 score. Lonzo but up 25 points. TJ had 43 points. It would seem that the opportunity to play against Chino Hills would be to one’s advantage. Based on Lonzo a post game interview response to the question. “Did they needed to adjustment to Foothills game to stop TJ”. He responded with “We just do what we do. We don’t need to change”(check back for the post game interview to be posted soon at and SportSceneTV1 on YouTube or follow us on FaceBook at sportscenetv). I got to tell you it’s been working pretty good for so far! The Game will be this Tuesday at 7pm. At a still to be determined site. Chino has released information on the School’s website the very clearly states the time and procedure of the ticket sales and distribution.  

That’s’ How I See It

Brian Gelet SportSceneTV.Net