Okay, so like I told you in my last blog that I wanted to refelct on the 2008 High School Football season and hear back from you about your favorite moments. Well, since I am in the mood to look back at the most exciting moments, does November 2006 ring a bell to any of you? It should if you are a Damien or Chino Hills high school football fan. On that faitful Friday night game, our cameras were there to catch the action and boy was it a good thing. Sure you could have read it in the newspaper, but having it on video allows you to see it first hand and experience the game as if you were there in person. Anyway, the game came down to the last tenths of a second and the Chino Hills crowd runs onto the field to celebrate what they thought was a victory, but somehow Mark Mendrum of the Spartans finds time to run a last play admist all the chaos and the official on the sideline was there to signal the touchdown and the Spartans win the game and the Sierra League Title. Talk about a wild ending. Well, just below you will be able to see the video and relive that moment again. Thanks again to all our fans and as we are on our Winter Break, I will continue to post items to keep your sports’ cravings at ease until we return.