It was definitely the most exciting game of Week 3 in the Non-League season. The Diamond Ranch Panthers and the Chino Hills Huskies went down to the final 2.2 seconds of the game and ended in dramatic fashion. It was another game that I will never forget.

Speaking of games never to forget, there is also another Chino Hills game that I will never forget. I know the Huskies faithful will cringe, but the game against Damien was the same scenario where it came down to the final seconds. I believe it was .2 seconds left.

Of course, another game that Huskies fans also never forget are the annual games against cross town rivals the Ayala Bulldogs. They unofficially call it the, “Battle of the Bone.” Now it’s even spun off to the name “Battle of the Dog Pound.” Whatever you want to call name this game is just a minor point to a game that brings out the community to watch two of the Sierra League’s best hammer it out.

So, do you have a Chino Hills Huskies never forget game that you want to share with us, then tell us here on the blog or if the ones I mentioned bring you back memories, tell us your thoughts on the game and what you were doing when it all came down to the wire.

By the way, if you want to relive those games I mentioned above, the Week 3 Game video is on the website, the Damien game is on video here on one of the past blogs. If you can’t find it, just google it and I know it’s on YouTube. As for the Ayala vs. Chino Hills game, if we receive enough requests and feedback from you the fans, then we will bring you the game possibly in a full game broadcast or at least in highlights if we can’t bring the full game to you.