Sportscenetv So the new school year has begun for most school and that means High School Football is in full swing. Every local paper and national ones too have places their top 10 and 25 teams for 2009 for everyone to read. It’s always fun to watch these games, but also a lot of work too. Our camera crews on game days start at 4 p.m. and tape the whole game they are assigned to. Then, it’s the fun part. Going through all the footage looking for the plays to make the highlight reel. Once that is done, it”s time for the narration of the game to be recorded and of course the graphics and music. Once that is all done, it goes to the webmaster and it’s uploaded to the website. By now its been many hours after the game has taken place. But, it’s well worth it because you can truly get the feel of the game from video. So, we hope that you enjoy the videos that we post on the website. All of the others who have video footage have resorted to just giving you video clips and that’s all. Very little graphics and no narration. A vidoe is supposed to tell you a story and without a narrator to tell you the story and graphics to supplement what you are watching and of course, music to set the mood. Then, all you are really watching is the equivalent of a confusing home movie. So, we really enjoy putting these highlight videos for our viewers and we actually consider you like our good friends who are happy with what we bring to you. If you have opinions and want be part of our great group of fans, then just get involved with the site and continue to keep us running strong. I know the season has just begun, but we have one game already under our belt and many more to come. Tell us what you think about the 2009 season and remember, all of our opinions count.