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A real shocker  coming out of Don Lugo yesterday. All Lugo Football fans will be saddened to hear that Head Football Coach Luis Garcia tendered his resignation with a very heavy heart. We have spoken to coach Garcia about this at length and he has so much love for Lugo. It was not easy for him to do this. This will have an impact on the program as the huge steps coach Garcia made have changed the attitude and mindset of Lugo Football. Coach Garcia has sacrificed heart and sole and informed us that he needed to resign for personal reason. As we said to coach last night, it’s not the wins that you had that made you so important to the program but, the way you were able to change the mindset of the student body and the perception in the community about Lugo Football and therefore the school. He said that he had felt since 1992  that he needed to be at Lugo because he knew who and what the Lugo players were about because he was one. Not just a student or a player but, because he lived where they lived and dealt with what they deal with and he felt what they feel because he lived where they live and acted like they act. It is going to be hard to find a coach that has his passion and home grown love for the Conquistadors. We at SportSceneTV wish Coach Garcia well and will always refer to him as a friend.