The 2022 regular schedule of the boy’s basketball season is coming to close on February 6th. This means that all games postponed due to COVID protocols need to be made up before then. Thus, creating opportunities for unique and creative scheduling. So, the Ayala Bulldogs and Claremont Wolfpack agreed to make up a game not played earlier in the schedule as a Sunday afternoon contest.

Ayala quickly jumped ahead to take a 19-4 lead at the end of the first quarter and never looked back. As the Bulldogs went on to win the game 70-47.

Claremont did get within 10 points in the fourth quarter as Lado Limbe led the Wolfpack and game’s highest scorer with 18 points. However, the momentum stalled for Claremont and Ayala widened their lead.

The Bulldogs Improve their overall record to 19-6 and league record to 6-2.

The Wolfpack sees their overall record go 6-18 and league record to 1-5.

Ayala’s next game is Tuesday, February 1st versus Glendora at Ayala at 7pm.

Claremont’s next game is Monday, January 31st versus Colony at Colony at 4pm.